May 11 2012

But I am not purchasing EIT, only access to a database…

Category: Is it E&IT?BuyAccessible Team @ 11:41 am

We were recently told by a contracting officer that access to an on-line database was not Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) and therefore not subject to Section 508. This is clearly wrong. The web interface that the government agency would be using as a result of the purchase is applicable to Section 508 1194.22 Web-based internet information and applications (as well as functional performance criteria. When the government makes a purchase and as a result their employees or the general public will be interacting with EIT, then Section 508 applies. Even if the software doesn’t sit on computers at a government site, the website interface applies. Don’t forget that you may need to look at the interface for regular users and also user administration.

A related example is Cloud Computing. Have you come across similar examples that you can share?

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