Feb 18 2011

BuyAccessible system is back up!

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The BuyAccessible System is working again and available at BuyAccessible.gov. It was down for a few days due to server security upgrades. You can now get to the tools: BuyAccessible Wizard, Quick Links, and the Product and Services Directory.

For more information on these tools, you can read past posts about about the BuyAccessible Wizard and Quick Links.

Feb 15 2011

BuyAccessible System Still Down

Category: Announcements, BuyAccessibleBuyAccessible Team @ 2:25 pm

The kinks are still being worked out of the new server configuration. Section508.gov appears to be working, but BuyAccessible.gov is still not completely up and functioning yet. This impacts the BuyAccessible Wizard, Quick Links, and the Product and Services Directory. We will keep you posted on progress.

Feb 11 2011

BuyAccessible and Section508.gov are down this weekend

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Buyaccessible.gov and Section508.gov are both down this weekend for GSA security upgrades. They are expected to be back on-line and open for business on Monday.

Feb 11 2011

New Media, Old Accessibility?

Category: Website AccessibilityBuyAccessible Team @ 11:36 am

Web 2.0 technologies (a.k.a. new media) provide opportunities for agencies to disseminate and collect information in new and exciting ways. Wikis, blogs and social networking sites are all examples of connecting people electronically. Agencies are already working on policies, regulations and guidance on the use of Web 2.0 media.

But what about existing regulations – such as Section 508. Well, as it turns out Web 2.0 technologies are mostly new uses and combinations of existing “Web 1.0″ technologies! According to Wikipedia, “It does not refer to an update to any technical specifications, but to changes in the ways software developers and end-users utilize the Web.” Therefore, EIT accessibility considerations for Web 2.0 should be in part be based on existing EIT accessibility standards. While existing Section 508 technical requirements may apply to Web 2.0 technology, it likely to be in new combinations and ways to fit the physical and functional characteristics of the new technologies. We view the world of Web 2.0 as:

  • Social networking
  • Collaboration, Co-Inventing and Problem Solving
  • Publishing and Enterprise Search
  • Virtual Worlds

Upcoming posts will explore accessibility in each of these categories. Stay tuned and get in on the discussion!


Feb 10 2011

Why is it important for requiring officials to specify accessibility requirements and not contracting officials?

Category: Acquisition ProcessBuyAccessible Team @ 9:00 pm

Requiring officials should specify accessibility requirements for EIT as directed in the FAR, because they are the most likely to understand how that EIT will be used and to determine what provisions from Section 508 will apply. Contracting officials do not typically have the technical expertise needed to identify technical provisions. Further, contracting officials may not be aware of the need for information, documentation and support. Is there software embedded in the instrument and/or contained in the PC? Does the instrument require technical support from the vendor? Just as important, these are all specifications the vendor needs to know to provide the most accessible product.

Feb 08 2011

Creating Accessible Flash

Category: Website AccessibilityBuyAccessible Team @ 10:00 am

Do you need to make a Flash video for your website? If you do, it needs to be accessible to people with disabilities. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs recently created a on-line course called, “Creating Accessible Flash” to help you apply Section 508. It is available for free on the VA website. VA discussed Flash in their presentation during the 2010 IDEAS conference in December.

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Feb 01 2011

Accessibility Events this Winter

Category: AnnouncementsBuyAccessible Team @ 11:38 am

Here are some upcoming accessibility events.

  • CSUN – The 26th Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference - March 14-19, 2011 in San Diego, CA
  • 2011 Web and New Media Conference- the annual Government Web Managers Conference – March 17 and 18, 2011 in Washington, DC

Note that the CSUN early bird discount rate for registration ends Feb 4.

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